Wednesday, August 25, 2010

tuesday's dinner

My big lunch came back to haunt me.  After walking for nearly 2 hours, my bl sugar was 9.7!!!!
Wanted my snack (frozen yogurt), so ate it, partially bolused for it 10g instead of 20g, and walked another 30min
Was low by dinner, but that's because of an emergency cleaning after pipe burst in bathroom....

We always eat protein and starch and veggie for dinner. Last night I found a good deal on okra.  Never had it before.  My husband brushed them lightly with oil and grilled them on bamboo skewers.  They were quite tasty.  6g of carb per pod!  that can't be right.  I counted 20g for a modest serving. So dinner was:
Grilled red snapper: protein
3/4 quinoa: starch 35g carb
about 1/2cup okra: veggie 20g carb
Total meal 55g carb

2 squares of :Lindt Equador 75% cocoa chocolate: heavenly 6g of carbs
red Roiibos tea (w 2tsp Splenda)
1 packet of thin addictives cookies: starch 15g carb

Including my 3pm snack for which I counted 10g out of the total 20g (because was walking) stayed within total food carb range of 150g carb target

before bed my bl sugar was 5.3 mmol/L
at 3AM it was 7.0mmol/L
So overall not bad

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