Thursday, August 29, 2013

Creative carb counting

Are all carbs the same?

When I give myself a dose of insulin in order to eat something, I count the carbs and then inject for them.  Whether it’s rice, Quinoa, couscous, pasta, potatoes, bread or fruit, the ratio of carb to insulin is the same.

So that means:

Supper #1
 I have Tilapia with couscous and broccoli
-          1cup cooked couscous is 36g of carbs,
-          1 cup steamed broccoli florets is 10g of carbs
-          1 1/2 Tilapia fillet: protein
o   For supper, I inject  
1.5units of insulin for every 10g of carb I eat
o   so that’s 46g of carbs
o   a dose of 7units of insulin

The Confession
How crafty can I be staying within my daily carb allocation?
See, I’m a chocoholic, not a carb-a-holic 

How about I tweak my supper just a bit and eat:
Supper #2
-          The fish: protein
-          1 cup steamed broccoli florets : 10g of carbs
-          1 entire 35g bar of 70% Lindt dark chocolate

The chocolate is 12g for the entire bar and 3g of protein AND 15g of fat too…but isn’t dark chocolate healthy?  Like the chocolate equivalent of celery, right?
Let’s just say it is because I really want to eat that chocolate!!!

SO, that’s22g of carbs total.
See, it seems like a better choice than the couscous!
(However, the trick is to not turn around and then eat the couscous too!)

Did I eat that or not?
Carb counting confusion
Every morning I prepare breakfast for my children and me.

My son immediately chooses the sugary sweet artificially colored cereal, which he thinks he likes but often just plays with.  I pour him a small portion and then I toast a few slices of bread:
-          1 slice to be shmeared with full fat cream cheese and cut into little squares
o   for my 1 year old to eat (and stick on her head and throw onto the floor)
-          2 slices for me to butter while hot and eat while deliciously fragrant and dripping butter

 Our current favorite is Bon Matin flax seed bread, so for 2 slices ...
15g per slice – 5g protein – 2 g of fat (but a good fat…. Mostly, Omega-3 polyunsaturated fat which provides an essential fatty acid that our bodies need.)
For breakfast I dose 1.2 units of insulin for every 10g of carb I eat, so that’s 3.6 units of insulin

BUT!!! It smells so good that my son declares ‘I’m jealous, I want hot buttered toast too!!’
So happily I give him half a slice(don’t want to overwhelm him), then the little one wants to taste my toast so I offer her a few bites here and there.  If I’m lucky, my son devours it and snatches the second half
We are all fed and happy and full of crumbs

…and then I get to work and go LOW!!!!! Because I forgot to replenish the carb value of my lost slice!

I NEVER thought I would EVER be too busy to eat!!!!!!
Had I known I could have eaten more chocolate!

 Man, do I love chocolate