Saturday, August 28, 2010

I fought the carbs and the carbs won

I love ice cream.  Normally I am quite good at finding a good carb choice (relatively low fat) and also adhering to the recommended portion.  Chapman Frozen yogurt comes to mind, always a decent choice.
Most ice cream portions are 1/2cup.  I actually eat my portion directly out of a measuring cup (where I flatten the serving to get the most out of that 1/2cup!!!)  Or even drizzled with Walden Farms chocolate syrup which is FREE FREE FREEEE!!!!!!
In the United States, I was overwhelmed bny the assortment at the Publix grocery store.  I still dream about the Publix Brand Key Lime frozen yogurt....

Yesterday I bought the Nestle Parlour Heavenly Hash.  1/2cup is 21g carbs and 4.5g fat.  Quite decent.

except that I kept bolusing for a little more, and a little more...
I prayed I would go low and fix with this ice cream! (even though that's a terrible idea because the  fat content would fix too slowly)
In any event, my generosity caught up with me. At 1AM my blood sugar was 9.9, so I gave the suggested 0.7units to correct.  Not a terrible number, but not in range either.
I am seriously considering eating celery the rest of the day and just eating ice cream!
Don't think it's safe to bring this flavor into the house again!

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