Monday, August 30, 2010

sneaky carbs and fat

Last night was one of my favorite dinners:
Grilled veggies: yellow zucchini, fennel, and pepper in red and yellow (all were marinated with balsamic vinegar, a few tbsp of olive oil, and herbes de provence)
fish on the side: another variety of trout
We went to this middle eastern grocery store and bought a square type thin pita bread 20g for 1 bread and a container of labneh (soft, unrippened, spreadable cheese)
The labneh fat count is 12%MF, so on the high side, but still falls below the 20%MF limit

So, the way I love to eat this meal is to tear off pieces of the bread and put a little bit of all the food on it, a dollop of labneh, and roll it up!

I counted 20g for the bread, 10g for the veggies, and 10g for the labneh
I bolused dual wave which means I split the dose of insulin.  I chose 70% right away, and 30% spread out over an hour.  a few hours later, my blood sugar was about 9.2 and I had enough active insulin coursing through me to cover it.  But at 2AM I hit 16.4 and needed 3.0 units to cover it.  And at 6AM, I was still out of range at 11.8mmol/L needing 1.5 units to cover.  2 hours later I was at 7.4mmol/L, and decided I could eat breakfast then. 
Normally I trend towards lows as of 8AM because my dose is so high to counted dawn phenomenon.  

Last time, I had a similar effect, hence the dual wave bolus decision.
So I have decided the following:
I probably ate more labneh than I thought.  Next time I will set out my portion for the evening
Next time, perhaps I should increase temporary basal for 2 hours at bedtime????

oh well, good thing I test and fix often.

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