Monday, August 8, 2011

SO, how'd that walk go, ay?

Hello Fabulous and wonderful people,
I hope that this message finds you all in the midst of enjoying a lovely summer!

To give a little debrief…
The walk was a big success!
It wasn’t cold
It only rained AFTER the event
The JDRF Quebec region had set a goal of $370,000 but at last count we raised $420,000!
We couldn’t have done it without you!

We had a team!
Some friends and colleagues that never let me down (you know who you are!)
Some friends of mine that had never walked before (thank you!)
Some former colleagues and some friends’ relatives
All brilliant and gorgeous people!  Thank you!

And as for those that couldn’t make it but promise to attend next year, I’ll hold you to it!
It’s so nice to have an annual event that allows us all to see each other and catch up!

It’s also so nice that the president of AMG, Philip delBuey, is tall enough to help our team assess how far we are when we fall behind.
(Stop to fix a stroller or grab a snack, next thing you know you’ve been passed by 50-some people, you lost the team…but wait!  There’s Philip!  We’re OK, not too far behind)     

Yes, it was a grey day, it event drizzled a touch
And yes, the rain prevented the JDRF from putting up the big bouncy things
BUT!  We walked, we chatted, we collected bike reflector lights, we played with our free Frisbees, we tasted nutritionally boosted milkshakes, we doled out samples of Dex4 (New Tropical Fruit flavor!)
We saw ducks and peacocks, we ate sandwiches and interesting yogurt flavors, we crunched organic apples and we polished off the free frozen yogurt (LOVE TCBY!)

As for Team AMG & Friends,
We came in a little shy of our $10,000 target amount, but I will only get the add up in a few weeks (some donations are still trickling in)
All in all, a decent showing and I was proud to be your captain.
I was very touched by your support and your words of encouragement.
And yes, everything from my ‘Day in the Life’ message, is a truthful account of a day in my life!

I’ll follow up with the add up of donations as soon as I get it

Until then…..  love your pancreas!

I’ll be seeing you!
Tamara Segall