Thursday, August 26, 2010

55g of carbs well spent! wednesday's dinner

Dinner last night was a fabulous 55g of carbs.  We marinated a ton of veggies and grilled them, along with steelhead trout and I made couscous
The veggies were: portobello mushroom, red pepper, zucchini, and eggplant
I had a very generous portion for which I counted 20g of carbs
Couscous is the best side dish ever!  Fast and delicious, perfect with everything.

Easy couscous for 2-3 people
in a big tupper ware, put 1 generous teaspoon of instant soupmix (I like the fake chicken)
mix well with 1 1/2cup of boiling water
add 3/4cup med couscous
cover well and let stand for 5 min
then fluff with fork

Once done, I like to add 1 tsp of lite butter crumbled around

3/4cup of cooked couscous is 35g of carb, and it's a very decent portion
My husband eats about a cup
and there is always a small leftover portion (for the baby)

My blood sugar was high during the night 13.4 at 2:00AM, could have been my back which is hurting (pulled something cleaning up after burst pipe?  or perhaps dancing in high heels at wedding last weekend -how old am I?) or could have been due to fistful of walnuts I ate pre-dinner
good fat those 7 walnuts.  A portion of 7 a day are free, because so good for heart.  But 7 walnuts were so tasty they tasted like more!!!!!!

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