Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ketogenic Me

Hello my Dear Readers,

So much has been going on since I last showed signs of life!

Image result for fitbit charge I changed jobs and provinces.

I got a Fit Bit

 I started boxing again

My Medtronic pump died at the ripe old age of 9.

Image result for medtronic veo insulin pumpI switched to a beautiful pink waterproof Animas pump, for which the waterproof failed me and left me in the lurch on vacation! 
I missed my strong and steady Medtronic and got a new Veo.
We are very happy together.

And equally as exciting, I have been keeping Ketogenic diet since mid July 2016.
I have moved from a Type 1 Diabetic that injects 1.5units of NovoRapid Insulin for every 10g of carbs I eat, to a Diabetic that eats no carbs and only injects basal (background insulin).

Image result for ketogenic dietIt started simply enough:
I was scheduled to go home and see the family in Montreal the first week of August
The month of July was very busy with work, lots of meetings, and travel.
I did not have a chance to get to the gym. 
This happens sometimes, in the past I always cut 15-30g of carbs out of my diet to compensate for moving less, however, I handled it all wrong: I moved less and ate more.
Because all those meetings took place at outstanding restaurants!!!! And then there was the portions, and the chocolate, and the pasta....

I stayed in a carby blissful unawareness until 12 days before my scheduled travel, when I finally had the opportunity to find my way back to a Zumba class.
I love Zumba! (it's worth about 6,000 steps per class, by the way)
I give it my all, and when I don't know the steps, I don't even care!
During this particular Zumba class, when I did this arms up dance move, I discovered I was  puddling over my size 12 track pants (Mother of Muffin Top!!!) Track pants that had always been flattering and on the loose side.

Image result for fat body clipartI did a little research and found that the quickest way to lose weight, would be to cut the carbs.  Then I stumbled on another thread discussing the benefits of eating high fat, explanations on eating FAT not making you FAT, further research into carbs and their role.
Ultimately, I realized the role of carbs: in addition to being the key focus of my entire blood sugar management routine, carbohydrates are a fuel source for your body, AND an energy that can be stored.  Basically, you burn off what you need and the rest you fat.

Let's be clear: I am not a doctor, I'm just very opinionated and outspoken
Which led me to look into successful ways to lose weight.
What I found was a few sites discussing eating low low carb, a maximum of 20 g of carbs and high fat, good fat about 80g per day, would result in consistent weight loss.
This is called a ketogenic diet, because you are trying to achieve a state of ketosis, where your body  burns fat as a fuel source.  And thereby emits ketones in your urine, not to be confused with Ketoacidosis, an extremely dangerous state of insulin deprivation which requires immediate and urgent medical intervention.

I found the internet a bit light on Ketogenic diet info for Type 1 people with diabetes, not to mention vegetarian type 1's, hence my return to this blog.
Since I inject for every carb I eat, I pretty much store every carb I eat.
So I thought I would try, and shed a few pounds.
Also, if memory served, this was similar to Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution for steady blood sugar, so there was some precedent.

The result was strangely enjoyable.
I ate entire avocadoes, full fat cheese, hard boiled eggs, butter!!!!

I injected nothing!  Only basal insulin.
I had NO LOWS, not one hypoglycemic incident!  (I normally had at least 3 a week)

When  I checked my Blood glucose, it was in the 5's or the 7's or even in the 9's
I still did nothing and each pre-meal check found me back below 7.0

SO, that's me
I have experimented with Keto recipes.
I have learned the magic of coconut flour
Stevia and I have become reacquainted, I'll be sharing my recipe  findings and experiments as I go.

Oh, and I had no clue what I actually weighed (since I don't own a scale), but when I last checked in for a flight, I climbed on the Air Canada luggage scale and noticed I was down about 8 pounds, (from the weight I thought I was), also, I am presently a happy size 10.

Lastly, Zumba was awesome today!
I wore my new Lululemon leggings...


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