Tuesday, March 12, 2013

There is a logic to my brand of Insanity

Am I the only one that feels like my latest A1C is an exam result worthy of either reward or punishment?
That's insane, right?
I got a 6.4!!!! Yay!!!!!!
New shoes for me!

Do other people with diabetes exercise so that they can have a 'free' snack?
If I walk the 4 blocks to the café, I can have a medium latté and NOT bolus for it!
Worth it!
That's insane right?

If a gym wanted to cater to me, they should advertise a woman on a treadmill eating a KitKat 70% dark!
That's why I do it. If I wanted to just eat carrot sticks I could skip the work out all together.
That's insane right?

How about when I do a check and find I am low, somewhere between 2.5-2.9mmol/L and on my way to fix the low it seems like a good idea to sweep up the breakfast crumbs under the dining room table.  That's completely insane!  I know the crumbs will still be there in 15 minutes (hell, they'll be there next week unless I sweep them up!) but at THAT particular moment in time, I am SURE this is what I should do!

Or, my husband and I are relaxing in the living room watching a few episodes of Big Bang Theory.  I hit 'Pause' and he looks at me.
- Wouldn't it be great to have a tea right now, I say
- Great idea, he says, make mine black
- You should go get them, I say
- But I cooked supper, he says
- But I bathed the kids, I reply
- But I had to move 12 tables at the store
- But I have a defective pancreas!!!!
- Fine! I'm going! he gets up to make the tea
Fine, I admit that was a cheap shot.  But I won! I know, so wrong to use in an argument.  But so help me a moment later I was wondering if I could sprint a few minutes on the treadmill while the kettle boiled to eat a few 'free' cookies for desert.
I know, it's insane right?

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