Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mystery of High Blood Sugar, solved!

Back in December I pulled a muscle in my back.  I'm sure it's because I tried to that stupid plank core training thing.  This always happen!  Anyway, it was a nagging pain that despite all my stretches and complaining was in for the duration: a solid 14 days.  It did feel better when I walked or lay down, but still!  Why are toilet seats so low?

But then, day 7, I was lifting my son into the car seat, attempting to favor the sore muscle when I did something far worse and ended up in excruciating pain!  One shoulder actually 2 inches lower than the other.  In pain while standing, in pain while sitting.  Waking up to roll over...and waking my husband to help me roll over.  I dislocated my pelvis!  A solid 11 on a pain scale of 1 to 10

And the sugars ran high........  I put an increased temporary basal.
And went to Physiotherapy.  They put it back into place and urged me to get a sacroiliac belt.  This is a tight neoprene and elastic and velcro contraption that you cinch aroung your pelvis to give you extra support (for the tidy sum of $60!).
I was told, it would take a good 14-20 days before it stopped hurting.

How did this happen?
Well, they said, after a pregnancy, a woman's pelvis and joints are loosy goosy to allow a woman to go through labor...yada yada...voila.

This belt did allow me to walk, though somewhat oddly.  It also pushed up every single fold of fat to give me an odd blobby shape.  I never took so much care with my appearance: more cleavage, chunky jewlery, flashy make-up, big scarves.  I also got tons of compliments! 'Wow, Tamara, you sure know how to put together an ensemble!'  Or 'Is that fluorescent pink eyeshadow?  That's so cool!' or 'I love those pants!' (my husbands: they were thick enough and big enough to conceal my odd lumpy ass)
BUT!  Since I could not exercise, I had to cut my carbs.  Gone went my free snack before workout.  Bye bye 2 additional portions of carbs.  Which sucks!  I only work out so I can eat more, anyway.

The lesser food, drove me coocoo!  Finally, after 2 weeks, when I was around food, I went a little crazy and blew almost my entire day's allocation of carbs!  I ate protein alone for dinner a few times.  The day of the brownie incident (10AM coffee break at a meeting)  I ended up eating tuna and celery for the rest of my meals.

And the blood sugars continued to rise..........
And my back felt better, and still they rose..........

And I was able to train lightly on an elliptical with 0 impact (which sucks compared to a full out run on a treadmill, but whatever) and still the blood sugars rose

And then.... I found out I'm pregnant!
Welcome back 30 grams of carbs!
Goodbye alcohol!

And as for the pelvis thing, oh! So that's why it popped out so easily!

So I'm back at the antenatal clinic at the Royal Vic Hospital!
Peeing in a cup onat 7AM on tuesday morning, 3 blood tests overs 4 hours, visiting with specialists, loads of papers for follow up tests.  God bless them all for taking such good care of me and my little 'bun'

I'm back to monitoring my blood sugars as though I was a nuclear technician and my blood glucose were emission outputs.  I prefer to run low than high.  I've eaten over a full 50 count bottle of Dex4 for correcting my lows.  But that's OK!  I feel better with a quickly corrected low rather than a high that can make the baby grow too big too fast.

It's so exciting!
I am simulataneously excited and scared!
When my son pitched a full scale 2-year old tantrum, my husband looked at me with raised eyeborws and mouthed 'imagine two of them!'
I am so excited and shocked!
I am simultaneously nauseous and starving

How can I already have such a belly at 13 weeks?
Good thing I know how to camouflage dress!  Bring on the scarves!

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  1. OMG! OMG!OMG! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm sooooooo excited;) what's your due date? Ouzeri for sure... Let me know if I can help, in any way :)